Tennis Elbow… without the Tennis… or the Elbow

I think, if I’m honest, that it was the kayaking that did it. Sure, I have a little cart that helps me get the 35kg kayak to the water, but then there is all the lugging before and after this. Then the repetitive action of paddling, which seemed innocuous enough.

I’m obviously in a mid-life crisis. One website mentioned that the likely time to get this was between 35 and 55 years of age, which puts me smack in the middle. Of course, I’ve done the right thing – I’ve been to see the Doctor, rather than relying on my Internet-based, self diagnosis.

I recall my mother going through a stint of Tennis Elbow in the mid 80s – except this was caused by tennis. At the time, I recall her complaining of the ache, but not the specific nuisance factor it can cause in so many other aspects of one’s day to day life. My ache seems to run along the inside of the forearm, for the most part, rather than the elbow per se. Here are some of the current problems:

  • I can’t play the piano (one might argue that I couldn’t play to start with, but there you go)
  • Typing is taxing (this Post is seeing lots of pauses and arm stretching)
  • Handwriting is worse – obviously this is just a reminder of how redundant it seems to be in contemporary life

Then there are the ones that catch you out, such as opening jars and bottles, reaching up to grab something from a shelf, opening a car door or even putting the belt on once you are in. I’m supposed to be taking anti-inflammatories, like ibuprofen (but I sometimes forget) and, of course, rest rest rest.

The offending arm... perhaps "if thine arm offends..."?

The offending arm… perhaps “if thine arm offends…”?

Having read on another website that I can expect it to go anywhere from a few weeks to twelve months from now is not filling me with delight! Perhaps it is a karma reckoning for my Long Service Leave indulgence!

P.S. To those who have been Following my site, I apologise for my month’s absence. Missing a Post for one day seemed to roll around into a matter of weeks… I’ll try to make amends.


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